Dr Viv Create’s

Much of my creations, paintings, mixed media, film, photography and poetry consider the personal past and present. They are explorations of memory, imagination, life and mood. Works are completed without caution and in support of taking the embodied, relocating it externally and bringing it to life through the creation of art.

Art and the creation of artist works are for me a form of therapeutic exploration: a visual diary and a way of processing imagery and experience from life. Art is a reflection on mood, a way for me to consider raw expression without ambiguity. My approach to creativity is unashamed, forthright, and free. I love to use acrylics, but I will experiment with anything I have to hand including household goods. 

In art like in life I am passionate about vibrancy, authenticity and fearlessness. As a result of living with and working in deaf community I view words and speech as secondary forms of communication. It is the body and expressions of the somatic that breathe language and words that form are viewed as secondary linguistic expressions. 

Words oftentimes fail me and visuality speaks volumes. As a Child of a Deaf Adult (CODA) the desire to embrace difference is embodied in life as it is in art.