Dr Vivien Sabel is a Psychotherapist, an award-winning exhibiting artist, author and short filmmaker. She has been working in mental health settings for many years. She is a Child of a Deaf Adult (CODA) and as a former British Sign Language (BSL) Interpreter, she is fluent in BSL.

She is a Senior Lecturer in University where she works in the Psychological Therapies and Mental Health Team supporting students in various courses across the curriculum.

 Dr Sabel is also the creator and author of The Blossom Method. The Blossom Method is a somatic relational psychotherapy model which was initially developed as an attachment model for parents and infants and has been further advanced as a tool that can be used in clinical and everyday settings to promote connection and communication.

She has shared her model development with students (in the UK and internationally), deaf therapists, psychology graduates, teaching staff, doctors, gynaecologists, healthcare workers, government officials in the UK and internationally.

This pioneering model has been developed and researched over a 10-15 year period. In order to share her most recent research and findings, she is currently editing her third book The Re-birth of The Blossom Method: A Somatic Psychotherapy Model for Clinical and Everyday Settings.