Dr Vivien Sabel DPsych
UK Mobile: +44 7985085071
Email: viviensabel@gmail.com

Dr Vivien Sabel was born in rural Lancashire, UK but has lived in Bristol, London and now resides in the countryside of North Yorkshire, UK. She was raised by a deaf mother and a hearing Scottish father.

As well as being an artist, Dr Viv (as she is known), is a Consultant Psychotherapist, an award-winning author, an award-nominated filmmaker, senior lecturer, clinical researcher, model developer, and former British Sign Language Interpreter.

Dr Viv uses art as a form of therapeutic exploration and as a way of processing imagery from her dreams.

Her approach to painting is loose, free, forthright and unashamed. She is unafraid of difference, and passionate about vibrancy, authenticity and being fearless. Her cultural background (her mother’s deafness) is ever present in her art, filmmaking and all of her creative endeavours. She describes art as a form of reflection on mood, and a way of considering raw expression without ambiguity. Dr Viv believes cultural and embodied visuality are ever present in her creative expressions. She uses art as a form of therapeutic reflection to express without ambiguity. As a result of being nurtured with deafness, she feels words and speech are secondary forms of communication and visual expression is for her both  primary and embodied.

She works mainly with acrylics and occasionally household goods! She loves the look and feel of oils but describes herself as impatient!

To discuss purchasing any of Dr Viv’s works, exhibiting or commissions please email her viviensabel@gmail.com