Vivien Sabel MA Psych (Distinction) is…

a mother, researcher, writer, published author, national/international presenter/trainer and psychotherapist/clinical supervisor in full-time clinical practice based in North Yorkshire, England, UK; working with adults, children and specialising in clinical work with the Deaf Community, and parent and infant mental health.

Vivien’s interest in Perinatal and Postnatal wellbeing transpired through her own experiences of birth trauma, miscarriage and maternal mental health matters.

Vivien is based in beautiful Harrogate offices supporting clients, patients and trainee psychotherapists face-to-face and worldwide via Skype; meeting individual need through relational practice. If you feel this service may meet your needs and may support you to find your happy place? Click the link to message.

British Sign Language (BSL) has been studied to Interpreter level and it’s used on a daily basis in clinical practice. Working with, and using BSL for over twenty-five years, half of all clinical practice is spent working with members of the Deaf Community.

Vivien’s mother is profoundly deaf and uses lip-reading as an aid to communication. As a result of this exposure to the world of the non-verbal and nurturing with deafness Vivien considers herself to be fluent in the language of the body and non-verbal communication. This level of attunement is hugely valuable in all aspects of clinical work.

Major companies and various media continue to commission services to advise upon individual, familial mental health and the language of infants.

International commissions include IKON Australia working on their BA Integrative Psychotherapy Course to produce content for the first Bachelor in Integrative Psychotherapy. The Institute commissioned these services to produce and write course content in order to gain approval from the Australian Qualifications Framework. Following this submission the course was approved and is now up and running.

Vivien has dabbled with film producing and has a great interest in creativity and wellbeing. When she feels inspired she goes with it. So far this has included two books, a short film and she is working with a Musical Director to produce a children’s musical!

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